We are distributors of Huichol art and Mexican handicrafts. We work directly with the artisans and we have the best prices for you and your business. In addition we ship throughout Mexico and the world through the best parcels. Huichol Art has a very particular charm since it relates religion and Wixarika worldview with shapes and colors to create a unique aesthetic. In TATEHUARI, you can find information about the Huichol culture and Huichol works of art, such as: figures covered with beads, worsted tables, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pectorals, shirts, backpacks and many other things. We invite you to know the Mexican crafts and Huichol art. We are suppliers and distributors, we handle all the Huichol crafts of Nayarit and send them to all of Mexico and the World. Huichol art is "cultural memory made object." Our prices are in mexican pesos, but at the time of your check out it will change to your local currency".


Virgin of Pewter 

Cuadros de estambre - Arte Huichol

Painting Yarns

Pets Necklace

Catch dreamer

Chaquira Necklaces

Chaquira Runners

Jaguar Heads Beaded with Chaquira

Figures of Chaquira

Arte Huichol, Brazaletes de piel forrado

Leather bracelets

Huichol Nativity

Hand Bags

Head laces

Arte Huichol - Ojos de dios

Eye of God

Skulls beaded with Chaquira

Palm fans

Arte Huichol - Bolsas de Chaquira

Chaquira purses

Chaquira figures

Chaquira beaded masks

Huichol dolls

Dressed Huichol sauce